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Blades, Tillers
& Extensions

Whether you’d like to upgrade to an easy Optimist tiller extension or need a set of brand-new Optimist blades, this selection from Landfall® includes the ideal components. With high-quality Optimist blades, tillers and tiller extensions by Optiparts, McLaughlin and N1 Foils, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect solution to suit your dinghy here. We also supply Opti rudder and daggerboard parts and fittings to help you keep your rudder and daggerboard in seaworthy and race-ready shape.

We carry a selection of trusted N1 Optimist Foils which provide guaranteed quality and fairness through MPAT construction. All Opti N1 Foils come standard with a measurement certificate, Optiparts stainless steel rudder fittings, an Optiparts black anodized tiller and a deluxe tiller extension. Additionally, we offer Opti blades and foils by Optiparts and McLaughlin to suit your needs and budget. Click on each blade kit to learn what’s included.