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Honey, Let's Get a Boat

Have you ever wanted to chuck it is all away? The, bills, meetings, deadlines, and traffic, to try a more rewarding lifestyle? Ron and Eva Stob had the courage to do just that. the Stobs' entertaining and honest account of their remarkable trip will leaving you laughing, doubting, cheering - and perhaps inspired to try such a journey yourself.

This is the story of a couple's travels on a forty-foot trawler cruising 6300 miles and 145 locks around the eastern part of North America known as America's Great Loop or the Great Circle Cruise. Their nautical ineptitude is evident from the beginning, but pulling from their personal and collective strengths, the authors overcome doubt, a lack of experience, and real and imagined horrors. The odyssey is told the way life hands out its adventures -- sometimes humorously, sometimes tragically, but always memorably. The writing is light and appealing, but there is a serious strain running through the book for those who relish history and descriptions of the landscape. Astute and attentive to detail, they chronicled events and kept an account of expenses, equipment and charting. As a result, the appendix/guidebook is worth the price of the book for anyone interested in planning their cruise. Topics include necessary charts and guidebooks, information on locks, setting an itinerary, resource addresses and websites, details on equipment and the best place to be educated about boating. The book has full-color inserts with black and white photographs interspersed throughout.

Honey, Let's Get a Boat
#BJ026 $19.95