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Bic Bilbao Fishing Kayak

With its very rounded hull shape and narrow tips, the Bilbao Fishing has great glide and excellent stability, guaranteeing you complete safety for your solo fishing trips.

The intelligent deck design and quality fittings allow you to carry any kind of load. Its reduced length and weight make it easy to store and transport.Fishing from a kayak is a sport that has developed rapidly in the last few years. A kayak allows you to get off the beach easily without needing a big, heavy boat. In a kayak you can go fishing where and when you want, solo or with friends.

 Camouflaged colouring of green and beige helps the kayak disappear into its background. The rear storage deck with integral elastic straps and waterproof hatch allows you to carry bags or cases with extra equipment. Stable and fast, the Fishing series get you quickly to the best fishing spots, and into very shallow or rocky water without risk. You'll be right out there in nature !

#HBY0333 $799.95
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width length Weight technology
31" 9'10" 50 lbs TST