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The Complete On-Board
Celestial Navigator

2007 - 2011 Edition

by George G. Bennett

The all-in-one navigational toolkit

The ancient skill of celestial navigation has reliably guided seafarers for centuries and is still a source of pride and respect among mariners. In this era of electronic navigation, it remains the perfect backup system, enabling you to determine your position if the GPS malfunctions or your boat loses electrical power.

Specifically designed for the novice or rusty celestial navigator, The Complete On-Board Celestial Navigator replaces $300 worth of guides and almanacs traditionally required by celestial navigators, and includes a star finder; a five-year nautical almanac for determining precise star, sun, moon, or planet locations at the time of sighting; and sight reduction tables for crunching the numbers and producing a fix anywhere in the world. 176 pgs. 2006 Pub.

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