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Yachting Customs
& Courtesies

by Joseph A. Tringali

Yachting Customs and Courtesies is a 480-page, meticulously-researched book. Whether you belong to a large club, a small club or no club at all; whether you own a boat or think you’d like to; or if you’re simply interested in the pleasure boating lifestyle, you’ll find something of interest in yachting Customs and Courtesies.

This is the book you've been waiting for -- the latest and greatest edition of the "bible" of yacht club protocol.

Greatly expanded chapters from the second edition, PLUS all-new chapters on leadership principles, boating activities and how to run a meeting, PLUS an updated Stars Register of Clubs & Flags, with over 800 full-color yacht club burgees and listings (including web sites and e-mail addresses) for over 2,000 worldwide clubs. This book belongs in every yacht club library and is a "must have" book for every club officer and member.

Nineteen full color chapters - 480 pages in all - with scripts and floor diagrams for all club ceremonies. "You'll always know where to stand with Tringali's Red Book in hand." Chapters cover everything from the proper use of reciprocity to the precedence of seating at a head table. The “Flags and Colors” chapter explains in detail the display of flags and use of finials both indoors and on the water. Five appendices provide additional information and sample bylaws and letters of introduction, and a special section gives the most complete history ever written of the United States Yacht Ensign. Hardcover; 480 pgs. Pub 2006.



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Flag Usage in Yachting
Flag Usage in Yachting