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United States 406 MHz Beacon Registration


Please verify that the 15-character Unique Identifier Number (UIN) (also known as the beacon ID or 15-hex ID) listed above is identical to the 15-character manufacturer/ installer programmed UIN displayed on your beacon's manufacturer-provided label. If the beacon ID registered with NOAA is not identical to the manufacturer/installer UIN, please contact us immediately at one of the phone numbers listed below.

Remember, if your beacon is activated, the information you provide in your registration is appended to the distress message transmitted to a Rescue Coordination Center, which provides it to Search and Rescue (SAR) forces, assisting them in locating you in a timely manner and possibly saving your life. Please read your beacon owner's manual carefully for instructions on proper installation and operation of your beacon to ensure that the beacon works properly and is used in a manner that eliminates false alerts that waste valuable SAR resources. If you have questions about information in the owner's manual, please contact the beacon manufacturer directly.

If you have any questions regarding beacon registration, please contact the NOAA SARSAT Beacon Registration Team.

Use This Link to Access NOAA's Beacon registration Page

How To Properly Register and Verify Your Beacon