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Bainbridge Spinnaker
Sail Repair Tape

This thinner repair tape can be used for repairing small rips or tears in your spinnaker. Clean the area of the repair thoroughly with fresh water and allow it to dry. Place the sail on a clean flat surface. Stick the tape to the area leaving plenty of material around the edges of the repaired area. It is best to place tape over the area to be repaired on BOTH side of the sail. Note, repair tape is a short term solution and will not work for large structural tears. It should not be used as a permanent solution or to repair larger problem areas. Another important note is that some boats such as Skiffs (29er, 49er, and some sport boats) come stock with a silicon coating on their spinnakers to make hoisting and dousing these sails easier and more slippery. As a result, spinnaker repair tape will not stick to these sails and they must be repaired in a different way.

Bainbridge Spinnaker Sail RIPair Tape
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