Antal is a great brand for high-quality sailing winches, blocks, clutches and traveler systems that have been designed with a focus on quality and resilience for everyone from leisure sailors to sportboat competitors. Landfall® has hand-selected a great assortment of Antal marine parts from the manufacturer's expansive catalog, including Antal full-batten systems, Antal winches and Antal blocks, to give our customers a great new way to improve their deck and sail system hardware. Made with high-tech materials like anodized aluminum, stainless steel and Teflon, Antal blocks are lightweight yet resistant blocks that feature zero pins, rivets, bolts or nuts, reducing the chance of wear and damage over time. Antal full-batten systems come in a huge selection of options for various boats and configurations. These are simple and efficient batten systems that offer low friction, high strength and exceptionally high load capabilities. Be sure to peruse our complete selection for Antal rope clutches, jammers and other Antal hardware.