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Andersen Stainless Steel Winches

Andersen stainless steel winches are some of the best marine winches you can buy. They're all made from exceptional quality 329 stainless steel with stainless steel ball bearings to ensure lightweight yet rugged use anytime you need it. At Landfall®, you'll find all the most popular Andersen winches, including Andersen Self-Tailing Winches, Andersen Standard Winches and Andersen Compact Electric Winches. Each of these products is engineered with the brand's amazing innovations that assist with easy self-adjusting, low friction and increased efficiency.

Andersen Standard Winches
Andersen Standard Winches

Andersen<br>Standard Self-Tailing Winches
Standard Self-Tailing Winches

Andersen Full Stainless<br>Self Tailing Winch
Andersen Full Stainless
Self Tailing Winch

Andersen Compact <br>Electric Winches
Andersen Compact
Electric Winches

Andersen Winches: Kits and Accessories
Andersen Winches: Kits and Accessories

Focus on what matters - sailing - with an Andersen Self-Tailing Winch. These top-quality winches accommodate a broad range of different sheet and halyard sizes so you can address various issues with a single tool. When you shop at Landfall®, you can even order a titanium-coated Andersen winch that matches the color of your boat. At Landfall®, we know it can be difficult to find the right winch for your unique needs. Avoid the trial-and-error method when you browse our Andersen PDF catalog or contact us for advice. We want to help you find the right sailing winch for your boat and needs.