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Art of Anchoring Class

Course Length: 3 hours

Course Overview:
Anchor as though you plan to stay for weeks even if you’re intending to leave in an hour.

Even heavily populated areas like the NY Metro region have many unspoiled bays and coves just waiting to take you away from the everyday grind.  Beyond the sheer enjoyment of swinging at anchor in a secluded cove, the skill of securely connecting your boat to the bottom has some important safety implications.  Knowing how to anchor your boat under any conditions in any anchorage can save you from running aground in bad weather or due to engine failure.  Dropping the right anchor to make your boat secure is what you need for a good night’s rest away from the crowds.



  • What’s new in anchors? How are they different and what are their uses?
  • Selecting and setting up a rode
  • Techniques for setting the anchor
  • Safety in deployment (scope, chafe, protection, snubbers, trip lines)
  • Reducing yawing
  • Retrieval tricks and tools for best results
  • Sea anchors and drogues
  • New gear for moorings

Anchorage Selection & Technique

  • Charts and guides: Picking your spot
  • Anchoring Etiquette
  • Accounting for weather, tides, and currents
  • Tips for calculating swing radius and scope
  • Tying up and Rafting
  • Setting multiple anchors
  • “We’re dragging!”: Emergency preparedness
  • Storm prep and harbor safety procedures

Bring your questions and stories because everyone has a great anchoring story!  It will be an informative evening with plenty of new options, tips and tricks to consider. You will, as a result, become better prepared to be independent of crowded marinas thus saving money and aggravation during the summer crunch when space at the dock and on moorings is limited.

All Classes are held at our world-class in-house training facility, unless otherwise noted.