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Anchor-Guide for the
Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)

This technology - evolved cruising guide series offers a new visual style designed to help boaters safely choose and approach nearly 300 anchorages, mooring fields, and free docks along the Intracoastal Waterway’s 1096 miles. The Doyles have visited each anchorage at least twice, typically several times, recording tracks and depths directly into their computers. What you see on each page is what they saw on their laptops and chartplotter. The visual nature of these guides greatly reduces the stress of “first-entry”, suggesting new possibilities for first-timers and ICW veterans alike.

Highlights of the new AnchorGuide series include:
  • Chart Screenshots — Actual computer screenshots of official NOAA charts: annotated with nearby marinas, boat ramps, dinghy docks, navigation alerts, and more.
  • Depth-Annotated Tracks — Digital breadcrumb tracks depict the anchorage approach. Survey depths easily translate to current depths by referencing the included tidal graph. Use survey tracks to visualize precisely what anecdotal statements such as “avoid shoal at entrance” mean.
  • Concise, Consistent, Detailed Descriptions — Choose an anchorage for what matters most to you: proximity to the ICW, depth, wind protection, current, scenery, roominess, or shore access. Details include descriptions of the surrounding shore, noise and scenery, suggested approaches, alternative locations, and other special considerations.
  • Pet Landing and Grocery Access — Icons make it easy to plan pet landings and provisioning, with details on shore access presented in the summaries.

  • AnchorGuide for the ICW

    Volume 1: Norfolk, VA to Beaufort, SCVolume 1: Norfolk, VA to Beaufort, SC

    Volume 2: Hilton Head, SC to Miami, FLVolume 2: Hilton Head, SC to Miami, FL