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VHF/GMDSS Survival Radio

The all new ACR SR203 GMDSS Survival Radio meets all the requirements of the IMO for carriage on SOLAS vessels. Built tough for all marine applications and easy to use in an emergency situation, the SR203 is the ideal choice for mandatory and voluntary carriage.
ACR VHF/GMDSS Survival Radio Spec Sheet (.pdf)

•Efficent transmitter
•Rugged design
•Primary Lithium battery exceeds GMDSS requirements
•Protective battery tab
•Non-hazardous batteries
•16 hours typical operating life
•Optional rechargeable battery kit
•Laser etched control buttons
•High contrast/backlit digital display and keypad
•21 Channels

The digital display and control buttons are backlit making operation in low light environments simple. Once activated, the SR203 is automatically tuned to Channel 16 and has a single push Channel 16 call button to quickly return to the emergency channel.

The SR203 boasts exceptional battery life of over 16 hours (@ -4°F (-20°C)) thanks to its highly efficient transmitter designed to maximize battery life. The innovative battery protection tab means the primary battery can be permanently attached to the radio without fear of losing its charge. The radio will always be available for use in times of emergency without the need to remove protective labels or the like before use. Simply break off the red protective tab and the radio will be immediately ready to turn on to channel 16.

ACR VHF/GMDSS Survival Radio
#SA2827 $595.00

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Radio Communications

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