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ACR HydroFix
HRU-100 Universal Hydrostatic Release Kit

ACR Part # 9490 (was 9402)
Model No.: HRU-100 (was RLB-23)

ACR replacement EPRIB Hydro Release for the following Category I (1) models:

  • ACR RapidFix (2776)
  • ACR Satellite2 406 (2774)
  • ACR GlobalFix (2742) & (2842)
  • ACR GlobalFix iPro (2846)
  • ACR Satellite3 406 (2874)
  • ACR GlobalFix V4 (2830)

  • When submerged in water between 5-13 ft. (1.5 - 4 m), the HydroFix will disengage the rod allowing the Category 1 bracket to release the EBIRB.
  • ACR has designed a patent pending release rod system, which does not depend on a battery, sharp blade, or a pyrotechnic device to release the beacon.
  • Designed to work with ACR's Open Face, Sea Shelter and Sea Shelter2 brackets.
  • This advantage allows ACR to offer an HRU that is individually tested to ensure that the HydroFix is the most reliable HRU in an emergency situation.
  • All HydroFix units are tested to the same high standards and quality workmanship you have come to expect from ACR over the past 50 years.

    ACR HRU specifications datasheet. (.pdf) and
    ACR HRU product manual. (.pdf)

  • ACR Universal EPIRB Hydrostatic Replacement Kit
    #SA9490 List Price $149.95Only $109.00


    Emergency Position Indicating
    Radio Beacons
    ACR, McMurdo,
    & Ocean Signal

    ACR HydroFix Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU)
    ACR HydroFix Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU)

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