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ACR GlobalFIX V4
Category II Manually Deployable

406 MHz GPS Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)

Product Number 2831 Category II, Class 2
Model Number RLB-41

Drastically increase your probability of survival at sea with the multiple built-in redundancies of the GlobalFIX V4 marine distress EPIRB. Upon activation, the GlobalFIX V4?s robust internal GPS accurately fixes your exact location. Your coordinates are then broadcast via a powerful 406 MHz distress signal to Search and Rescue forces worldwide.

ACR GlobalFIX V4 EPIRB Specification Sheet (.pdf)

Category II Manually Deployable
2831 Cat.2 (RLB-41 CAT I)

ACR 2831 GlobalFix V4 GPS EPIRB - Category 2
#SA2831 List Price $598.33Only $425.00