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ACR AISLink Bundle

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Kit Includes:

- 2 AISLink Man Overboard Beacons

- 1 AIS Class B Transceiver

- 1 AIS Alarm Box

Advanced Automatic Identification System (AIS) technology comes to the rescue with this compact and affordable man overboard beacon with integrated Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and GPS. Unlike a personal locator beacon, which signals orbiting search and rescue satellites, AISLink sends an alert message within seconds to all local vessels with an AIS receiver and/or AIS-enabled plotter and the DSC alarm on your vessel’s VHF can also be signaled.

Take advantage of the ACR AISLink Class B Automatic Identification System (AIS) Transceiver and ensure that you can see and be seen on the water. Perfect for areas of high congestion or for those times when visibility is poor, the AISLink Class B allows users to transmit important information about their vessel while also receiving real-time AIS transmissions from others.

#SA2673 $1,099.00

  • Features
  • Specifications
AISLink MOB Personal Man Overboard Beacon

• Dual alert via AIS and Digital Selective Calling
• Onboard GPS for exceptional location accuracy
• Simple life jacket integration
• Manual or automatic activation
• Ability to alert AIS-equipped vessels within a radius of 5 miles or 4.3 nautical miles
• 24+ hours operational life and 7-year battery life
• 5-year warranty
• Ultra bright LED strobe light
• Rugged and waterproof up to 10 meters

ACR AISLink CB1 Transceiver

  • Internal GPS Antenna
  • Approved Worldwide
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Easy Installation
  • Silent Mode
  • Multiple Interfaces
  • Waterproof (IPx7)
  • Default Frequencies: AIS 1 – 161.975 MHz, AIS 2 – 162.025 MHz
  • AISLink MOB Personal Man Overboard Beacon

    Product Number 2886
    Activation Method Manual or Automatic Activation
    Application Coastal Cruising, Sailing, Offshore Recreational, Commercial Marine
    Battery Life 7 Years from date of manufacture or after emergency use (24+ hours operational battery life)
    Waterproof 10 Meters
    Weight 0.2 lbs (92 g)
    Warranty 5 years
    GPS Enabled Yes
    Dimensions 4.52 x 1.81 x 1.06 in. (115 x 46 x 27 mm)
    Strobe LED Strobe
    Temperature Range (Operational & Storage) Operational: -4°F to +131°F (-20°C to +55°C), Storage: -22°F to +158°F (-30°C to +70°C)
    Frequency AIS channel 1- 161.975 MHz, AIS channel 2 - 162.025 MHz, DSC 156.525 MHz
    Transmit Power (EIRP) AIS: 1 Watt, DSC: 0.5 Watt
    Baud Rate AIS: 9600 Baud, DSC: 1200 Baud
    AIS Messages Message 1 (Position), Message 14 (MOB Status)
    AIS Repetition Interval 8 messages/minute (message 14 sent twice every 4 minutes)
    DSC Messages Individual Distress Relay (single call made on press of the activation button, in regions where it is allowed)
    DSC Repetition Interval Once every 5 minutes (Relay only)

    ACR AISLink CB1 Transceiver

    Product Number 2672
    Size 5.5” x 3.9“ x 1.9” (140 mm x 100 mm x 50 mm)
    Weight 9.87 oz (280 g)
    Power Supply 12 to 24VDC
    Power Consumption 150mA @ 12VDC, <2W average
    Data Interface NMEA 2000 USB IEC61162-1 (NMEA0183) output, 38400baud IEC61162-1 (NMEA0183) input, 4800baud Silent mode switch input
    User Interface LEDs for power, transmit timeout, error, and silent mode
    Waterproof IPx7 rated for water ingress
    Operating Temp. 5˚F to 131˚F (-15˚C to 55˚C)
    IEC 60945 ‘Protected’ category
    VHF Transmitter x1
    VHF Receiver x2
    VHF Frequency 156.025 to 162.025MHz in 25KHz steps
    VHF Output Pwer 2W
    VHF Receiver Sensitivity <-110dBm @20% PER
    GPS Receiver 50 Channels, IEC61108-1 Compliant, GLONASS option available
    Approvals FCC, USCG, EU R&TTE CE, Industry Canada
    AIS Standards IEC62287-1 Edition 2, ITU-R M.1371-4
    Environmental Standard IEC60945 Edition 4
    Serial Data Interface Standards IEC61162-1, IEC61162-2 Edition 2
    GPS Performance Standard IEC61108-1
    NMEA2000 Interface Standard NMEA2000 Edition 2.20
    Product Safety EN60950-1 2006 +A11:2009 +A1:2010 +A12:2011
    Note for U.S. Residents: An MMSI number is required for the AIS transceiver to operate. U.S. residents using an AIS Class B transceiver in U.S. waters should make sure that their retailer has configured the product prior to buying it.
    • ACR AISLink MOB

      ACR AISLink MOB

      Personal AIS Beacon
      Now $239.95
      Code: SA2886
    • ACR AISLink CB1 AIS Tranceiver

      ACR AISLink CB1 AIS Tranceiver

      Now $639.95
      Code: SA2672