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Abandon Ship /
Grab Bag Checklist

The ORC (and Landfall) recommends that a "grab bag" accompanies each liferaft (and vessel). The following contents are recommended and should be appropriately packed and waterproofed. Use the following as a start in creating your own Abandon Ship Bag list to suit your preferences and cruising conditions.



3 Red parachute flares 2 Boxes wind/waterproof matches
3 Red handheld flares 1 USCG fishing kit or equivalent
3 Orange handheld smoke signals 1 Spear gun with extra tips
1 Dye marker 1 Life raft knife
1 406 MHz Cat 2 EPIRB Life raft survival book
1 Watertight handheld marine VHF with spare batteries –OR – Survival blankets
1 Watertight handheld aviation VHF with spare batteries

Food & Water

1 Signal mirror and whistle 1 Water maker
2 Waterproof flashlights with spare batteries and bulb 10 Water packets per person
24 Chemical light sticks Gallon jug and graduated cup*
1 Hand bearing compass 1 Food ration per person
2 Life raft repair clamp set 2 Can opener*
2 Life raft pumps Other food by preference*
Spare sea anchor with 30 m polypro line*


SART (Search and Rescue Transponder) Toilet paper in a zip sealed plastic bag*
1 Rescue streamer Nylon cord
1 non-pyrotechnic signal Waterproof notebook
1 Rescue kite Pencils*
Falcon air horn* Waterless towels*


Personal medications*
Sea sick pills, bands, gum, or medicine Toothbrush*
Sun burn cream and sun block* Sunglasses/prescription lenses*
Multi-vitamins* Sponges (2) *
Vaseline* Duplicate credit cards and $50.00 cash*
First aid kit and manual Photo copy of passports*
2-4 Thermal protective aids Long sleeved shirt and polypro underwear set*

Extra zip sealed plastic bags

Waterproof watch

1 Meets or exceeds ISAF requirements
* Not included in Demo Bag