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Inflatable Lifesling Rearming Kit

LIFESLING 6975999/V90000-84204Z (8030225/1268911)
Combines the functionality of the Lifesling and the throw-ability of a rescue throw rope for an accurate toss to the victim in the water. Intended for use in conditions where the victim cannot be reached by vessel...in surf, shoals, rocks or rivers or where a more compact rescue device is desired. Simply toss like a throw rope bag and upon hitting the water the Lifesling inflates almost instantly to provide a connection between the victim and the vessel. Heavy-duty nylon webbing provides enough strength to hoist a water-soaked crew member with ease. The inflation mechanism is the industry-standard Halkey-Roberts inflator. Inflatable Lifesling white compact fiberglass case The sling, valise and 125' of 8mm, multifilament, yellow polypropylene line are stored in a white compact fiberglass case designed to be mounted in the stern or a pulpit.
  • Configuration: Horseshoe
  • Buoyancy: 25lb.
  • Activation Method: Halkey-Roberts Pro-6F inflator
  • Material: Heavy-duty nylon webbing; urethane coated nylon bladder
  • Color: White case, yellow sling
  • Dimensions: 20"L x 7"W x 5"D

  • Lifesling Inflatable Rearming Kit
    #SLSRA $19.95