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Weems & Plath
Electronic Marine

W&P # 4002
The improvements made for this newer model are resulting from thorough research regarding the needs of the user. This barometer is designed specifically for the mariner. Not only does it show current pressure on the large display, it also displays historical information on a much more expanded scale than most electronic barometers. This unit can show an expanded history of any changes that occurred over the last 48 hours. It accurately detects pressure changes to within +/- 0.5hPa. In addition, the Weems & Plath Electronic Marine Barometer has the following features:
An alarm that signals abrupt changes in pressure
Gale warning system
Continuous display of current pressure
Continuous display of time or temperature
Backlighting for night use
Can be free standing or bulkhead mounted
Dimensions: 7-3/8H x 7-1/2W x 1-1/4D
Weight: 12 oz.
Operates on 4 AA batteries (included) average battery life 1 year
W&P Electronic Marine Barometer Manual (.pdf)

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Weems & Plath Electronic Marine Barometer
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      Weems & Plath AC/DC Adapter

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