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Mustang Ocean Series Auto Hydrostatic Inflatables

Mustang Survival's Hydrostatic Inflatable Technology (HIT) PFD designed for use in severe weather conditions. It incorporates an auto hydrostatic inflator which is not susceptible to spray, rain or humidity, and is maintenance free for five years. It also uses a new closure, SecureZIP, that withstands rigorous activity and is easy to repack.

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Hydrostatic pressure is applied to objects submerged in water. The hydrostatic inflator needs only to be submerged 4 inches (10 cm) for the hydrostatic pressure to open a pressure valve releasing a firing mechanism, automatically inflating the PFD. Low Maintenance No inflator maintenance required for five years, unless fired.
Reliable Inflation
Inflates under hydrostatic pressure, the PFD will not inflate prematurely due to rain, humidity or water contact (the PFD can be inflated manually by pulling the activation cord)
Safety Inspection Window
Easily view the inflator replacement date and inflator status through the safety inspection window - green indicates ready for use.

Mustang Hydrostatic Vest Lineup
MD3183 US Coast Guard Recreational Type II [Commercial Type V]
MD3184 US Coast Guard Type V
MD3188 US Coast Guard Recreational Type II [Commercial Type V]
MD3183 T3 US Coast Guard Recreational Type II [Commercial Type V]
MD3183 BC US Coast Guard Recreational Type II [Commercial Type V]
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