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The Book of Navigation:
Traditional Navigation Techniques
for Boating and Yachting

ISBN-10: 1602396213
ISBN-13: 978-1602396210
by Tim Bartlett

The Book of Navigation is the perfect reference for any seafarer requiring a knowledge of navigation. This highly practical book explains everything the reader needs to know to navigate a yacht or motorboat from one port to another safely and accurately. Using clear diagrams, worked examples, and color photographs throughout, Tim Bartlett covers every stage of navigation, including: charts; electronic navigation and equipment; position fixing; tides; lights, buoys, and signals; shaping a course; using radar; pilotage; and passage-making.

About the Author Tim Bartlett began sailing as a child. After teaching in commercial sailing schools he became a full-time yacht skipper at a cruising club. Then after five years of running his own engineering company, he became technical editor at a motor boat and yachting magazine. He has written several nautical titles and lives in the UK. Paperback. color diagrams & illustrations. 170pgs. Pub 2009.

The Book of Navigation
#BH008 $14.95


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