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Wichard Single Line ORC Tether

Wichard 7001 An essential part of offshore safety, tethers are used to clip your safety harness to the boat -- often to a length of line or web strap called a jackline. Use the single if you have a jackline; use the double if not, so that you are clipped on at all times (see below). Wichard tethers have cast stainless carabiners, and a breaking strength of 4,580 pounds. The cord is 6' long when fully extended, but retracts so that it's not underfoot in the cockpit. ORC-required and ORC-approved.

Elastic harness tether, conforms to B.S.1. with 2 stainless steel carbine hooks. Retracts from 2 to 1 meter - break load 4580 lbs

Wichard Single Line Tether
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