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Switlik TechFloat
Life Ring

(formerly Survival Technologies)
TechFloat is packed in one small, lightweight pouch is both a rugged, bagged, heaving line (100' of floating line) and an automatic (self-inflating) inflatable buoyant horseshoe ring at the end, which will provide 35 lbs. of buoyancy after inflation. This is an excellent device for all boats from 12 feet to 200 feet, particularly aboard powerboats. The ring inflates instantly on contact with the water. For getting real flotation to an overboard victim in a hurry, this is an excellent device that is easily thrown. Mount one right next to your helm. Highly recommended.
Switlik Techfloat Lift & Rescue Device Owner's Manual (.pdf)

Switlik Techfloat Lift & Rescue Device
#SSTTF $359.00

  • Description
The Switlik Techfloat Throwable Lift and Rescue Device is designed to help first responders in situations involving a victim in the water. The device consists of an auto-inflating underarm sling (35 lbs buoyancy) with 100’ of floating line in a wearable valise that is designed to allow the user to maintain connection with the victim at all times during the rescue. The device includes stainless steel lifting rings paired with tubular webbing that can easily support one or two victims in the event where hoisting is necessary. The floating line is visible in the water and the cylindrical shape of the uninflated unit allows it to be thrown far distances to reach the victim. The unit can be rearmed and repacked by the user. When needed, sling the valise over your head and across your chest, with the device resting on your hip, opposite the side of your throwing arm, and with the black end cap facing forward. Unbuckle the end cap, open the cap, grab the webbing handle with your throwing hand and pull the device from its valise. Using a strong underhand toss, throw the device near the victim. The rope will pay out of the line bag. Upon contact with water, the auto-inflator will activate, releasing CO 2 gas from the attached cylinder, and inflate the Techfloat . After the victim secures the device around their body and underneath their arms, pull in the retrieval line with both hands. The recovered person can be removed from the water by hoist or winch, if desired, using the stainless steel rings attached to the device’s lifting straps.