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McMurdo Pains Wessex
Mk 8 SOLAS Orange
Lifesmoke Canister

Lifesmoke 53695 (formerly Mk5)

USCG Approval No. 160.122/8/0
SOLAS IMO Res. No. MSC.48(66)
EC-Type Certificate No. 423.006

We recommend this over the hand-held for individuals in close proximity. The burn time on the buoyant canister is three (3) minutes, a dense orange smoke excellent for daytime location and is very portable.

  • Buoyant orange smoke for daylight use
  • Produces dense bright orange smoke for 3 minutes
  • Safe to use on petrol or oil covered water
  • Easy to operate
  • Indicates wind speed and direction
  • Pains Wessex MK 8 SOLAS Orange Lifesmoke Canister
    Suitable for commercial and recreational boaters, these smokes provide a dense orange distress signal usable on petrol or oil-covered water. These distress signals meet the various specifications of the SOLAS, U.S.C.G., and EC-Type Certificates.

    Lifesmoke MK8 is a buoyant orange smoke signal safe to operate on petrol or oil-covered water. The signal consists of a metal case containing smoke composition and is fitted with a simple pull-cord ignition.

    SOLAS Orange Lifesmoke Mk8 Canister
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