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Keep it sharp with
the Spyderco
Tri-Angle Sharpmaker

204MF Knife Sharpener

A sharp knife makes cutting easier and safer. For twenty years the original Tri-Angle Sharpmaker has set sharpening standards in the cutlery industry. Now a new "angle" on this tried and true sharpener makes its debut in the 204MF Tri-Angle Sharpmaker.
Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker (.pdf)

brass rods and stones have pre-fitted spots inside the polymer base for storageA new base design and an additional preset angle are combined with the classic version's renowned triangular shaped stones. The stones slide into precisely keyed holes and slots that are molded into a high-strength polymer base. There is a 40 degree angle which produces a razor sharp edge on all cutlery and a new 30 degree angle has been added for back beveling and for sharpening thinner edges typical of high quality kitchen knives. Back beveling is ideal for thinning out thicker blade edges. There is also a 12 degree preset angle for sharpening scissors. Flip the base over and two stones fit (flat side up) into the bottom, creating a bench stone for sharpening larger tools. new base design and an additional preset angle The triangular stones clean easily with powdered abrasive cleanser and a nylon scouring pad. Also included are two brass rods to protect the user's hand while sharpening. The base of the new model has a wider bottom, affording stability while sharpening.

The brass rods and stones have pre-fitted spots inside the polymer base for storage. Snap the lid across the top and the entire Sharpmaker becomes a snug, self contained unit weighing 16.25 oz (460 g) that's ready to travel. An instruction book and video show you how to use the 204MF to sharpen knives, household, industrial and sporting tools.

Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker
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