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Assist I FRN ~ C79PSBK

Spyderco named this knife after its principal job function, to Assist.

The Assit I/1's Sheepfoot Blade is rounded at the tip for safe cutting (no point). This is a necessity for emergency and fire/rescue professionals as well as the everyday well-equipped citizen who all rely on knives to be straight forward in use and provide flawless performance (cutting seatbelts) and marine applications (when cutting close to your hands while on a moving boat). Loaded with teeth, eighty-percent of the 3-3/8" (86mm) cutting edge is serrated with the last inch at the tip plain edge. Above the one-hand-open hole sits a feature called a Cobra Hood. Boye Dent lock securely locks blade in place during use. This is a metal cap that positions the thumb over the hole for quick opening and doubles as a textured leveraging platform for your thumb during cutting. A wavy pattern cut out of the top of the blade and again along the handle is there for controlled rope cutting. Place a rope in the groove (between the partially open blade and the handle) and squeeze the blade shut, slicing rope in a controlled manner without an exposed cutting edge. The handle is lightweight black FRN (Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon) and is heavily textured providing some resistance for a firmer gripping surface.
  • It also features a survival whistle built in to the butt end. The whistle is shrill and high pitched enough to be heard great distances.
  • In the closed position, squeeze the blade deeper into the handle and a retractable carbide tip protrudes out from the base for breaking glass.

  • A reinforced wire pocket clip screws onto either side for both left and right-handers. The reversible ambi-clip can be clipped on to any pocket, safety harness, or foul weather gear and can be drawn quickly and opened with one hand. The serration provides exceptional cutting power not found in plain edge knives. 3.375" sheepsfoot-shaped blade.

    Replaced by the Spyderco Assist Salt Knife

    Sailing / Rigging Knives
    Sailing / Rigging Knives