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Near Coastal
Flare Kit

We've assembled this kit as a basic set of safety flares. This kit is appropriate for near coastal cruisers coastal or large lake daysailors, and for fishermen who venture into the ocean. The quality and dependability of these flares make it a completely different animal from the common, inexpensive sets. If you have a hard time with the extra cost, consider this: you're not going to use a flare except in a real emergency. Then why would you intentionally buy an inferior device for emergency use? If you need a flare, make darn sure it's going to do the job! These will!

Set contains:
  • 2 Pains Wessex Red Parachute rocket flares
  • 2 Pains Wessex Red Hand Held flares
  • 2 Pains Wessex Orange Hand Held smoke flares
  • 2 Cyalume SnapLight Red Glow light sitcks
  • 1 ACR Hot Shot Signal Mirror w/ Whistle
  • 1 International orange, Locking Saftey Case

  • Near Coastal Flare Kit
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