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Para Tech Sea Anchor 15' Parachute

For boats 30 - 40 feet
under 25,000# lbs. displacement

5/8" Eye & Jaw Swivel recommended

Entirely unlike a drogue, the Para-Tech Sea Anchor is designed to keep your bow to the wind, allowing seas to pass beneath you while you drift very slowly to leeward. Para-Tech Sea Anchors are manufactured from high-strength nylon fabric, with a weight and strength of over four times that of the surplus parachutes (which have been used as Sea Anchors for many years). Deployable storage bagThe lines are tubular nylon. Radial seams are reinforced with 250-pound tape or 1,000-pound webbing. Lines are joined at the rode end by a shackle (included) with a strength of 17,000-52,000 pounds, depending on the size of the sea. In short, properly sized to your vessel, this Sea Anchor will NEVER be subjected to the loads it's capable of enduring. The deployable stowage bag (included) makes deployment a simple matter of tossing the entire unit overboard for automatic setting, tangle-free unfurling, and easier recovery, repacking and storage.

See also the Deployment Rode you'll need.

#SSA07 List Price $999.00Only $775.00