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Switlik MD-2
6 Person
Life Raft

Designed for offshore use, the Switlik MD-2 Life Raft includes all the features of the original MD-1 and plus additional survival equipment and a twin tube configuration. Soft Fabric ValiseTwo large canopy entrances and it's unique single arch tube geometry provide more ventilation, lookout capability, and occupant headroom, more than any other raft in this class. We offer this raft in a:
  • Soft Valise: 34" long x 18" wide x 16" height. 75 lbs
  • Hard Fiberglass Container: 31" long x 21" wide x 14" height. 94 lbs

  • Switlik MD 2 Life Raft Specifications (.pdf)

    Standard Features & Equipment
    * Two 4' Triangular Canopy Openings w/ Heavy Duty Marine Grade Zippers
    * High Visibility Florescent Orange Canopy w/ Blue Inner Coating
    * Water Activated Boarding Station Locater Light
    * Abandon ship Bag for Additional Equipment
    * 30' - 2000 lb. test Mooring / Inflation Lanyard
    * Double Taped Buoyancy Chamber Seams
    * Military Specification Inflation System
    * High Proof Test Attachment Points
    * Double Width Boarding Ladder
    * Boarding Handles
    (1) Floating Safety Knife
    (3) Raft Repair Kit (Clamps)
    (36) Seasickness Tablets
    (2) Parachute Flares
    (1) Signal Mirror
    (1) First Aid Kit
    (2) Paddles
    (1) Bailer
    * Tough, 16 oz. sq./yd., Urethane Coated Nylon Buoyancy Chamber Fabric
    * Auto-Deployed Military Specification Sea Anchor
    * Large Volume Rectangular Ballast Pockets
    * Heaving Ring & Floating Retrieval Line
    * SOLAS Grade Retro-Reflective Tape
    * Rain Water Cathcher
    * Interior Grasp Lines
    * Exterior Life Lines
    * Two Over-Pressure Relief Valves
    * Two Manual Topping Off Valves
    * High Headroom Arch Tube
    * Life Raft Righting Strap
    (2) Pressure Relief Valve Plugs
    (96) Ounces Drinking Water
    (3) SOLAS Hand-Held Flares
    (1) Hand Inflation Pump
    (1) Flash Light
    (3) Spare Batteries
    (2) Sponges
    (1) Whistle

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    Switlik MD 2 Life Raft

    Packaged in: 
    Shipping Method *R*: 

    Heat Sealed Inflatable Floor
    now included at no extra charge!

    Insulated Inflatable Floor
    "INFAB" Independent Drop Stitch

    Deck Mounting Cradle
    secures hard container (Aluminum)

    Hydrostatic Release
    for use with #SMD-C Deck Mounting Cradle only