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Switlik MOM 8 Man Overboard Module Safety Cable

840024 1' long sheathed stainless cable with loop and positive action gate hook. Prevents loss of MOM 8 or 9 units from accidental pylon rubs. A man overboard system is only useful if it's deployed very close to the victim -- especially at night or in bad weather. Old-style man overboard systems, with their rigid poles and tangle of lines, are so slow to deploy that they're sometimes tragically useless.The MOM8-A, in its low-windage canister, deploys in seconds: just pull the handle at the top of the canister. From the bottom of the canister falls a 6' pylon with an 8-hour, steady-state light on top; a horseshoe flotation device with 40 pounds of buoyancy; and a 16" sea anchor to extend the whole length of the gear. All are attached together with floating poly line. As the pylon and horseshoe deploy, gravity-activated CO2 cartridges fully inflate them within 5 seconds. The MOM8-A is easy to inspect and repack, and will provide many years of service. This model features an integral harness for recovering the victim from the water.

#SMSC1 $27.00