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Man Overboard Module


The MOM 9 works on the same principles as the MOM 8, except that it uses an inflatable raft instead of a horseshoe. MOM 9 Man Overboard ModuleThe raft offers several distinct advantages over the horseshoe. It gets the victim out of the water, delaying hypothermia and deterring possible attacks from predators. Integral to the raft is a set of 250-pound capacity lifting straps for retrieving the raft with a halyard & safety whistle attached. The MOM9 requires inspection and service every two years by an authorized service center. Also included is one (1) safety cable (#SMSC1) and one (1) Hardware Mounting Kit (#SM8MK).

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CLASS 9 Life-saving Appliance

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Landfall recommends the MOM 9 for offshore sailors and anyone cruising or racing in colder water!

No Longer Available

Switlik MOM 9 Man Overboard Module

Switlik MOM 8 Man Overboard Module Rail Extension
8"' long rail mounting extension. For use with the MOM 8 or MOM 9 units.

If your horizontal rails are more than 11? apart you will need this part.

#SMER1 $79.00

Hardware Mounting Kit
Replacement Mounting Kit: Complete set of 63 pieces including all parts, nuts, bolts, and fastpins, for all MOM9.

#SM9MK $49.95

Switlik MOM 8 Man Overboard Module Safety Cable
1' long sheathed stainless cable with loop and positive action gate hook. The normal MOM installation is secure however when the canister is mounted on the quarter the safety cable provides extra retention during vessel/piling interaction. Prevents loss of MOM 8 or MOM 9 units from accidental pylon rubs.
One is included in every MOM unit sold.

#SMSC1 $27.00