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Ocean Commander
Immersion Suit with Harness

OC8000 HR / OC8000HR / OC8000-HR
USCG - UL1197 - Immersion Suits 160.171
The OC8000 Ocean Commander Immersion Suit is often referred to as a one-man life raft. The Ocean Commander is designed to prolong survival in cold water, and it does so very effectively. In 40-degree water, estimated survival time is in excess of 14 hours; in 50-degree water, it's days. If you sail in or voyage to cold water, it would certainly be an asset to have one inside your life raft for ultimate protection. This Mustang suit is lined with a closed-cell foam liner for buoyancy and insulation, which can be unsnapped and removed for cleaning or repair. Among its many features: watertight full-length zipper and seams, watertight hood, face seal for wind and water protection, detachable mitts (gloves stored in arm pockets), neoprene secure wrist seals, non-slip integral boots, inflatable head pillow for optimum flotation angle, optional water-activated safety light holster, whistle, and buddy line. All enclosed in a compact storage bag. USCG-approved and SOLAS-certified. Orange. One size fits 110-330-lb. person.
Mustang Ocean Commander Immersion Suit with Harness Details (.pdf)

Mustang Ocean Commander Immersion Suit
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Mustang Survival