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60-hour life
Xenon Strobe ESL I

P/N 60610M

This D-cell, fully approved emergency strobe is capable of being seen up to three miles. The electronics module converts the 1.5 volt 'D' cell battery power into a 7500 volt pulsing Xenon beacon; flashing 50 to 60 times per minute for the first 8 to 12 hours, diminishing thereafter to last over two full days.


Emergency Strobe Light, Xenon - RED RED Body, Standard Clear Lens. Height 4.25 in., Width 2 in.

Xenon Flash USCG approved, requires 1ea D cell alkaline battery to be replaced annually. Stainless locking pin attachment fits most foam filled and inflatable PFDs. Three to four mile visibility at sea level operates at 50-60fpm (flash per min) for 8-12 hours and then switches to 20-30 fpm for another 8-12 hour shift. Durable and waterproof tested to 12 ft minimum depth to ensure reliability for all SAR situations. Any pilot will tell you that a Xenon strobe flash is visible at great distances and pinpoints a location. Thats why clipping one on your life jacket, life ring, and throw lines makes sense.

Emergency Strobe Light
#SES01 $24.95