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ACR Firefly

The most brilliant personal strobe made, the Firefly 4G uses a proprietary lithium battery, with an 8-hour minimum continuous operating life. Features a spark-proof switch and is waterproof to 200 feet. 10-year lithium battery included.


ACR Firefly 4G Strobe Battery

ACR Firefly 4G Strobe LLB-1 Lithium BatteryACR Firefly 4G Strobe LLB-1 Lithium Battery
ACR LLB-1 Firefly Battery. P/N 1032. Lithium Battery for ACR Firefly Strobes: Firefly 4F, Firefly 4G, and SDU-5/E. Replaces mercury 4RM1B battery.

The original form of this battery has been discontinued. Our replacement solution is powered by two (2) CR123 lithium batteries that fit into your Firefly strobe. This is made possible through a custom designed and precision machined end cap that is included with your purchase.

#SCR05 $39.95