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SOSpenders Life Jacket Automatic Inflatable PFD

Navy w/ Green
SOSpenders Model #1210N/G 24ASPT
use Automatic Rearm Kit #S24ARK

USCG Type V 1220N/R 1220 (SOS#38APRO - 8030368 was 8030147)
use Automatic Rearm Kit #SSOSA The manual-inflation SOSpenders, like the AirForce inflatables, are USCG-approved Type III PFDs. To be perfectly honest, they're of equal quality, specs, and features, but in terms of design there's one big difference: the SOSpenders are quite a bit shorter than the AirForce models, and therefore fit a little better if you're going to be sitting on the rail for a long time. For "railmeat" purposes, we recommend the SOSpenders. Navy blue.