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JBL Mini
Life Raft Speargun

JBL Part # D5 (D-5)
We strongly recommend this quality spear gun for your abandon ship bag. This is the most compact speargun (19" tip to but), yet powerful (hardened spring stainless steel / surgical rubber slings) we have to offer. Range is 6 feet. Steve Callahan survived 76 days adrift with the help of a spear gun.

The shaft is pointed and threaded and works adequately. Our extra tip is much sharper.

JBL Mini Spear Gun
#SJSG1 List Price $96.00Only $86.40

Extra Tip

JBL Part # 825
The tip is a single barb, Stainless Steel; multi-purpose point for medium to small fish.

#SJSET List Price $15.00Only $13.50

Extra Shaft

JBL Part # 716-SB (was 714-SB)
16" Long x 9/32" Diameter
Point & Wing, threaded shaft.

#SJSES List Price $30.00Only $27.00

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