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A utomatic
L ifesaving
E mergency
R adio
T ransmitter

Alone in the cockpit or on deck at night, who hasn't imagined what would happen if we somehow went overboard? Even if you're tethered, could you pull yourself back aboard while the boat kept sailing? Or arouse the sleeping crew? Here's a product that will make those nightmares go away. The ALERT 2 System consists of a water-activated radio transmitter, which begins to transmit a unique 418 MHz signal upon total immersion. A receiver sits aboard the boat, and it howls like mad when it receives the unique signal. It also has the ability to shut down the engine and mark a position on a compatible GPS or Loran (with the PC Interconnect Kit). The transmitter works with just two lithium batteries. The receiver wires in to your vessels 12 volt system. For short-handed offshore sailors, this device could be a real life saver.

New Features:
  • Connects to GPS or Engine shutdown
  • PDF - Portable Direction Finder
  • Optional Direction Finder
  • New! 1 Mile Range

  • Our Alert 2 System Includes:
  • (2) Alert 2 Transmitters #SA2TM
  • (1) Alert 2 Receiver #SA2RV
  • (1) Alert 2 RDF #SA2DF

  • (extra Alert2 Transmitter's available w/ System Purchase, only $229 each)

    NO LONGER AVAILABLE Check out our other Man Overboard Equipment.

    ALERT 2 System

    Extra Alert2 Transmitter's: 

    Click to enlargeReceiver Only
    Weight: 12 oz.
    Dimensions: 6" x 5" x 1.5"
    Power: 12 volt, 100 mA external
    Mounting bracket: Included
    Antenna: 18" whip w/25 ft. coax requires external mounting point (included)
    Internal alarm: 95 dB (front panel)

    Click to enlargeTransmitter Only
    One per crew member
    Weight: 4 oz.
    Dimensions 5.5" x 1.5" x .75"
    Operates on two 3.6 volt lithium batteries (included #SA2LB)
    Pouch (included #SA2TP)

    Click to enlargePortable Direction Finder (RDF)
    includes PDF, receiver, battery and case w/ external speaker and mount receives 418 mhZ ONLY

    Click to enlargeLithium Batteries
    Two 3.6 volt
    10 year shelf life

    Click to enlargePC Interconnect Kit
    Kit includes receiver to PC cable and install software.

    Click to enlargeTransmitter Pouch
    "Belt loop" pouch, with velco fastner.

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