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The American
Practical Navigator

Pub. No. 9

2002 Bicentennial Edition

by Nathaniel Bowditch
National Imagery and Mapping Agency

This is a publication which describes the modern principles of marine navigation and includes the formulas, tables, data and instructions required by navigators to perform the computations associated with dead reckoning, piloting, and celestial navigation. The publication also contains sections addressing the Practice of Navigation, Navigational Safety, Oceanography, Weather, and Electronic Navigation. It is prepared and published by NIMA on a five-year program. This publication is available in its entirety on the website. A Marine Navigation Calculator function is also available on the website which performs many of the navigational computations derived from formulas and data found within this publication's text and tables. 8 1/2" x 11", 879 pgs. 7 lbs.

The American Practical Navigator - 2002 Ed.
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