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The Windsor Barograph

(formerly the Winchester Barograph)

If You Want to Own the Best

The English have long been known for fine cabinetry, and it shows in the workmanship of the Windsor, a grand example of what is called an “exhibition” barograph.

It has an extremely smooth low-gloss finish over the solid mahogany cabinet, five beveled glass panes, a drawer with two compartments for storing new and used charts, and solid polished brass works. Inside the lift-off cover is a precision aneroid sensor of 8 chrome-plated cells. All other components are of brass. Its large, 8-element aneroid sensor is accurate to +/- .5 mb. Its drum rotates once every seven days, and the traditional pen nib leaves a clearly defined trace for easy reading to the week’s pressure. Range 28.0 to 31.0 inches of mercury. 14-3/4" wide x 9-1/2" deep x 9" high. A quartz battery drive rotates the chart drum once per week. Ink, battery, and complete instructions are also supplied. Made in England, we know of no barograph of this quality available today.