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Weems & Plath Coast Guard Kit

Coast Guard Kit 100

The five most popular items that the U.S. Coast Guard buys in one convenient kit. The kit contains: 1 each of the #176 Ultralight Divider/Compass - our most versatile divider/compass, #7291 15-Pack of Spare Leads for the Ultralight Divider/Compass, #120 Weems Parallel Plotter - the original rolling plotter, #105 Nautical Slide Rule - speed/time/distance wheel, and the #113 Course & Leg Identifier - a.k.a. Search Pattern Slide Rule, a must for anyone performing search & rescue operations. Dims: 8-1/4" x 14".

The Weems & Plath Deluxe Navpak includes all the tools you need for plotting on charts: one 45-degree triangle, one set of 12" parallel rules, a course plotter, 6" dividers, a pencil, and a plastic pouch to put it all in.
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