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digital barometric
pressure and
temperature gauge

Digitally displays both barometer readings and temperature in four different modes: 'Present', 'High', 'Low', and 'Rate of Change' for barometric pressure, which shows the amount of change in inches per hour. When connected to Merlin, the 'Wind Chill' setting will show the effect of wind speed on temperature. Mystic is protected by a 15-hour backup to preserve stored data. Cable, AC adaptor, sensor and hardware supplied. Specify altitude if above 3000'. Available in black only.
  • MYB Mystic Brass case, Black dial
  • MYBC Mystic Chrome case, Black dial
  • MYBN Mystic Nickel case, Black dial

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  • Maximum Mystic
    #NMYS1 List Price $625.00Only $550.00

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    Maximum Wireless MysticMaximum Wireless Mystic
    Digital display of barometric pressure & outdoor temperature