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Maximum Rainwatch

An attractive companion to any instrument (digital or analog). Displays either long or short term rainfall with the flip of a switch. Select the length of time for each "counter" with the reset switch. Collect annual rainfall in one memory, and weekly or daily rainfall in the other. LED panel displays rainfall from .01" to 99.99" with an inch/cm conversion chart. A single 9V battery (not included) will collect and maintain data for up to 1 week in case of power failure. Outside rainfall collector meets NWS specifications for size and accuracy, and is self-emptying for your convenience. Rainwatch is also compatible with most other rainfall collectors. Cable, AC adapter and rainfall collector supplied.

  • KIT-RNA Rainwatch Brass case, Silver dial
  • KIT-RNB Rainwatch Brass case, Black dial
  • KIT-RNAC Rainwatch Chrome case, Silver dial
  • KIT-RNBC Rainwatch Chrome case, Black dial
  • KIT-RNAN Rainwatch Nickel case, Silver dial
  • KIT-RNBN Rainwatch Nickel case, Black dial

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