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Maximum Mini-Max

Outside temperature is indicated inside with this remote-reading thermometer. Move the toggle switch at the bottom of the case right or left and the indicator needle will move to high or low temperature since last reset. Features dual scale (Fahrenheit and Celsius) and adjustable temperature minder to let you dial in current temperature and note any change. AC adapter, sensor and cable supplied.

  • MXA Mini-Max Brass case, Silver dial
  • MXB Mini-Max Brass case, Black dial
  • MXAC Mini-Max Chrome case, Silver dial
  • MXBC Mini-Max Chrome case, Black dial
  • MXAN Mini-Max Nickel case, Silver dial
  • MXBN Mini-Max Nickel case, Black dial

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  • #NMMT- List Price $450.00Only $395.00


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    Maximum Wireless Mini-Max
    Maximum Wireless Mini-Max

    Analog display of outdoor temperature