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Maximum Maestro 2-S

Wind speed is self-powered by roof-top or mast-head rotating cups, and is shown on two scales for accuracy: 0-40 and 0-120 knots (2-S unit only). Maximum gusts are registered even if you're not there to watch the action. LEDs to indicate direction are powered by either 110-volt or 12-volt DC. Comes complete with cables, sensors, mounting hard-ware, and AC adapter.

  • MKA Maestro 2S Brass case, Silver dial
  • MKB Maestro 2S Brass case, Black dial
  • MKAC Maestro 2S Chrome case, Silver dial
  • MKBC Maestro 2S Chrome case, Black dial
  • MKAN Maestro 2S Nickel case, Silver dial
  • MKBN Maestro 2S Nickel case, Black dial

  • #NMM0-2S List Price $625.00Only $550.00