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Vion MiNi 2000
Handbearing Compass

Affectionately known as the "hockey puck" for its shape, size, rugged, and plucky character, this is probably one of the best hand bearing compasses in the world. It's small enough to slip into a pocket, light enough to hang by its neck strap, and has its own phosphorous chemical light source for night use. A rubber guard protects both the compass and the user, and a special damping system allows the card to swing smoothly without wild fluctuations, and stop at the bearing point almost immediately. Also great for course verification, dinghy reconnaissance trips, reef lookout pilotage, and a multitude of other orientation tasks.

Vion MiNi 2000 Handbearing Compass
#NMINI List Price $157.45Only $119.00

Nylon Carry Case
Nylon Carry Case

  • Padded Nylon
  • Navy Blue Color
  • Zipper and Velcro closure
  • Detachable Neck/Shoulder strap

    #NPHP6 $24.95

  • PVC Bulkhead Case
    PVC Bulkhead Case

  • Mounts to Flat Surface
  • White PVC won’t mark surface or compass
  • Two screw guide holes on mounting back

    #NPHP8 $24.95