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Maximum Merlin

A digital instrument with a "brain" to record changes and trends as well as present wind conditions. Readings are given in four modes: ‘Present’ displays existing wind conditions. ‘Peak’ gives speed and direction of highest gust since last reset. ‘Average’ reveals average wind speed and direction since last reset. ‘Forecast’ compares most recent 12-minute average with previous 12 minutes. Features user-selectable units of measurement for speed (MPH, Knots, km/h or m/s). Can interface with Mystic to compute wind-chill. Memory is protected by a 10-year backup to preserve stored data. Cable, AC adapter, sensors and mounting hardware supplied. Available in black only.
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  • MLW Merlin – Brass case, Black dial
  • MLWC Merlin – Chrome case, Black dial
  • MLWN Merlin – Nickel case, Black dial

  • #NMER1 List Price $650.00Only $575.00

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    Maximum Wireless MerlinMaximum Wireless Merlin
    Digital display of wind speed & direction