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Cassens & Plath
Horizon Ultra
Marine Sextant

The Cassens & Plath Horizon Ultra is the most popular sextant in the world for use in navigating by celestial bodies today, and it's perhaps the finest-made as well. Crafted in Germany of a special brass alloy, it is exceptionally strong, comfortable to use, and has an accuracy guaranteed to 9 seconds of arc. The Horizon-Ultra is a top-of-the-line model with some very unique features. The most obvious is its tough, baked-on white frame, which reduces heating in the tropic sun, therefore distorting less and providing greater accuracy. Cassens & Plath Horizon Ultra SextantObservations are easier to make with the Full view (whole horizon) mirror, which shows the horizon across the entire mirror image, rather than just half of it. It also has an illuminated arc and micrometer, a double prism lens which eliminates reflections, and a full set of index and horizon shades, including Polaroid.

The C&P Horizon Ultra comes with a 4 x 40 scope and a fitted mahogany box with brass hardware. This is a beautiful, hand-down-to-your-grandchildren instrument, and a real pleasure to use.


-5o + 125o, radius 162 mm
Accuracy 9 seconds, throughout the arc
Micrometer Drum 1' scale, vernier to 0.2'
Horizon Mirror 57mm diameter
Index Mirrors 56 X 42 mm 
Shades 3 index (2 fixed, 1 polarized)
2 horizon (1 fixed, 1 polarized)
Weight 4 lbs., 10 oz.

Cassens & Plath Horizon Ultra Sextant
#NHU01 List Price $2,200.00Only $1,795.00

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