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For someone stepping
up or stepping down,
these compasses are an
especially appropriate
reward for a steady
hand on the helm.

If you're lucky, you found one of these in Grandpa's attic, or one was left behind on a boat you bought. A good box compass is a wonderful thing to own: to keep on your office desk (to remind you of where you'd rather be), or as a gift to a favored sailor, or as a great presentation marking an important event.Hinged Lid

An engraved plate can easily be added by your local gift shop. The mahogany box, featuring finger-joints at each corner, is 4.375" high (w/ lid on/closed), 6.25" x 6.25". Also makes a good, portable back-up to your ship's compass. 4" diameter compass face, total weight 3 lbs 2 oz.

This unit is available with a hinged lid (pictured left), the lift-off lid (above) is no longer available.
aka: known as the Dirigo. (plaque not included)

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The Commodore Gimballed Box Compass is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

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Weems & Plath Commodore Gimballed Box Compass

Hardwood Base ModelHardwood Base Model
Recognize completion of service with an especially distinctive gift. The Commodore has no equal in a desktop compass. Made of the highest quality brass, copper, and bronze in the U.S.A., it is a full-size example of the traditional box compass in use during the 1800s and early 1900s. In fact, this model has been in continuous production, with few changes, since 1907. Because the compass is liquid-filled, the card is dampened and extremely steady. The traditional 32-point card has an outer ring graduated in degrees. Accuracy is assured by a strong sensor magnet, and sensitivity by the use of a sapphire jewel and hardened steel pivot. The low profile of this model makes it ideal for smaller display areas in a home or office. Compass dia. 4"; base 5 1/2" x 5 1/2"; ht. 2 3/8"; wt. 2 lbs. 1 oz. Brass plaque not included.

The Hardwood Base Model is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Shipmate ModelShipmate Model
As an alternative to the Commodore, consider the Shipmate. Reward the course well steered. The Shipmate is a small replica of the traditional compass common in the late 1800s, the compass used on square-riggers and windjammers. This small desktop compass, made in the U.S.A., is beautifully finished in heavy machined brass. Though smaller than a hockey puck, it weighs over half a pound. Inside are the components you find in todayŐs best marine compasses. A sapphire jewel and hardened steel pivot make the compass card nearly frictionless. The compass card has a very traditional design with 32 points. A felt pad on the bottom will protect the desk, table, or shelf where you display it. Attractively gift-boxed, the Shipmate is a perfect way to acknowledge the start or end of a personal or professional voyage. Top dia. 2 1/2"; base dia. 2 3/4"; ht. 1 3/16"; wt. 10 oz.
The Shipmate Model is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.