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Posey Yacht Design Sailing Tactics Simulator - 2014

Now with option to create your own Personal Race Area as well as 18 popular real world racing areas! One or two players can match wits against each other, the computer’s expert match racer, or a fleet of 30 aggressively sailed boats. 28 different boat types, including NEW Flying Scot, E-Scow, and Etchells keelboat. Easy to use simulator interface lets you concentrate on tactics and strategy! Interactive, animated tutorials teach the 2009-2012 Racing Rules, racing tactics and strategy.

Now with eighteen, popular real world racing areas, and more! Challenge and build your tactical and strategic racing skills in an aggressive 30 boat fleet or match racing. Every race is different with many tactical situations and strategic opportunities. One or two players. Very realistic 3D "Roving Eye" graphics let you look around a full 360° as far as the horizon. All new, easy to use computer interface! Interactive tutorials teach 1997 - 2000 Racing Rules, tactics and strategy. Excellent mental tune-up for real world racing!

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Sailing Tactics Simulator New Release 2004 Edition! Additions include:

1. New classes: Star, A Class Catamaran, Racer-Cruiser, Cruising Canvas (no spinnaker), and Model Yacht, with realistic model boat steering and sheet control. 2. Classes updated (performance and graphics): Tornado Catamaran, Offshore Racer, Sport Boat, and America’s Cup. 3. Select design parameters for Sport (sprit) Boat, Racer-Cruiser, and Cruising Canvas. 4. Completely new, precise boat performance logic for all boats in simulator gives more accurate response to your steering commands and to puffs and lulls. 5. All boats are identified by name. Display while racing and on results page. Name your boat! 6. New courses with downwind finish: Windward/Leeward once or twice around. Long first beat. 7. Option for a gate at the end of any run not ending at the finish for fleets of 15 boats or more. 8. Option to fine-tune tacking downwind angles by 7º higher or lower than base course, using single key or button commands. Manual, key press and click steering remain unchanged. 9. New control buttons for Pinch, Foot, and Simulator Speed. 10. Additional manual sheet controls using single key commands and mouse wheel. 11. Pre-start sound and flag signals are consistent with 2001-2004 Racing Rules. 12. New e-book Racing Suggestions gives expert advice on boatspeed, tactics, strategy, wind and weather patterns.

This simulator is a descendant of our highly acclaimed Tactics & Strategy Simulator, which Sailing World Magazine called “The best simulator available for the racing sailor interested in improving his tactics.”

PURPOSE: Challenge and build your tactical and strategic racing skills in an aggressive, intelligent 30-boat fleet or match racing. Every race is different with many tactical situations and strategic opportunities. One or two players. Very realistic 3D “Roving Eye” graphics let you look around a full 360º as far as the horizon. Easy to use computer interface! Interactive tutorials teach 2001-2004 Racing Rules and racing tactics and strategy. Excellent mental tune up for real world racing!


Match Your Home Waters – Race in tidal sounds, around 3D islands, in non-tidal lakes, or various river and river mouth configurations. Position the coastline in a specific direction. 3D topography above and below water significantly impacts wind and current behavior. More than 8 lake and river racing areas with complex shorelines, channeled winds and, for the rivers, tricky currents. Lots of geographic variety!

Courses – Triangle, windward/leeward, downwind finish windward/leeward with long first beat, or Gold Cup. Select once or twice around, marks to port or starboard. Option for a gate at the end of any run not ending at the finish for fleets of 15 boats or more. Short course options emphasize starts and tactics. Distance race and round the island options emphasize strategy. Night racing, requiring its own set of skills, is available on any course!

Starting – Option for 5 minute or 10 minute pre-start periods, or no pre-start period with a perfect start. Model Yachts can choose 1 or 2 minute pre-start or perfect start.

Three Race Series Option – Gives finish positions and 3 race series points for the entire fleet. Your skill score is based on difficulty level selected and finish position.

Wind Strength & Weather - Selection impacts forecast, which differs every race and gives information about weather systems, sea breezes, and wind history prior to the start. Conditions vary with time of day or night. Now, Southern Hemisphere sailors can reverse the earth's rotation effects in the simulator to match conditions in their hemisphere!

TACTICS: Short course options and large fleet races stress tactics and place heavy emphasis on the pre-start period and getting superior starts. Your opponents know the 2001 - 2004 Rules, and are astute in both fleet racing and match racing tactics. In fact, we've significantly honed their abilities in this simulator. Easy to use controls and steering let you concentrate on tactics.

STRATEGY: Sophisticated interaction of wind and tidal currents (optional) with complex 3D shorelines test your strategic decision-making skills. This expert model gives you many opportunities to gain, or lose, on the competition as you learn to recognize potential advantages. Distance and round-the-island races emphasize strategy.

The Wind Chart View displays wind vectors over the entire race course at that instant and shows what caused the wind patterns - channeling, divergence, convergence, weather systems, puffs. "Page ahead" in the Tide Chart View for an hour by hour update on tide changes. Use the overhead Strategic View of the entire course for periodic updates and planning.

INTERACTIVE ANIMATED TUTORIALS: Use them any time, even while racing.

Racing Rules of Sailing Tutorials cover:

Opposite Tacks. Same Tack Overtaking. Marks and Obstructions. Rounding A Windward Mark. Tacking For Obstructions. Same Tack Before Starting. Room At A Starting Mark and Other Miscellaneous Topics. Tactics & Strategy Tutorials cover:

Windshift Effects, Lifts, Headers, and Laylines. Strategy For Oscillating Winds. Strategy For One Side Favored. Downwind Strategy. Wind Prediction and Currents. Wind Interference from Other Boats. Starting and Mark Rounding.

EASY TO USE COMPUTER INTERFACE: Very intuitive screen layout. Includes easy to use control buttons and single key commands. Buttons are color coded to give quick status updates on your boat controls. Optional, variable ratio steering. Independently controlled split screen 360° graphics, make this an excellent simulator for two players!

REALISTIC 3D 360° "ROVING EYE" GRAPHICS: In the zoomable 3D Sailing View, improved “Roving Eye” graphics let you look in any direction a full 360° to keep an eye on the competition. Look as far as the horizon to spy approaching puffs of wind or calm zones. Look at your boat from any angle. Use 3D landmarks to “see” wind shifts. 500% more detail in graphics!! In the overhead Tactical View, zoom in for a good look at close-in tactical situations. Zoom out to survey oncoming competition.


Choose from Optimist, Laser, Boards (Windsurfer derivative), Snipe, JY15, 505, Skiff, Thistle, Lightning, Star, Tornado Catamaran, Non-Spinnaker Catamaran, A Class Catamaran, Keelboat, Sport (sprit) Boat, Offshore Racer, Racer-Cruiser, Cruising Canvas, America’s Cup, or Model Yacht classes. Specify length, displacement, sail area, rig, tiller, or wheel for the Sport Boat, Racer-Cruiser, Cruising Canvas, Offshore Racer, and Keelboat.

Boat performance is modelled extremely accurately for all classes. Wide variety of boats requires radically different tactics and strategies. Select fleet size - 2 to 30 boats.

YOUR OPPONENTS: Race against the computer or another person.

Two Players - You each sail your own boat, simultaneously, on the same computer, using new independently controlled split screen 360° graphics. Match race or fleet race (computer sails the rest of the fleet - 1 to 28 boats). Adjust the difficulty level for each player, if you have different skill levels. This is an ideal feature if you want to teach or practice with the other player!

You Against The Computer - Sail your boat in full screen 360° graphics. The wily computer sails the rest of the fleet (1 to 29 other boats). Match racing at higher difficulty levels, the computer is formidable!

OPPONENT ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: All computer opponents know their pre-start maneuvers, tactics, strategy, the latest Racing Rules, how to give and avoid bad air, and how to sail the selected boat. In this simulator, we’ve further refined their abilities, especially match racing. Opponent expertise increases with the difficulty level you pick – up to world class performance!


Continued improvements in simulator speed and graphics detail control to take advantage of newer, faster computers while still being fully useable on older Pentium and Power PC computers. Sound Effects give you feedback on sail trim (luffing sails), boatspeed (rushing water), etc. Coach, if asked, critiques your tactics, strategy, and basic trim while racing and after the finish. Continued refinements to coaching model. Expanded help screens give tips to improve your racing. Use interactive Tactics and Strategy Tutorials at any time during or after racing to learn more. Instant Justice Protest Committee penalizes all offenders, tells the 2001-2004 Racing Rule violated and its number. Use the interactive Racing Rules Tutorials to learn more. Options for automatic warning and simulator slow-down if your boat is likely to foul. Option to Replay a Leg in progress or just completed. Racing Suggestions e-book gives expert advice on boatspeed, tactics, strategy, wind and weather patterns. Manual gets you racing quickly. Help Screens give tips for using the simulator while you are racing. Laylines and equal progress lines can be displayed. They show in all views. Show your sailing tracks so you and your opponent can review what you've done and how well it worked. Header And Lift Information - Track headers and lifts on the compass or have the computer do it for you. Use 3D objects on the shore as another aid for noticing windshifts. Look for veering and backing puffs of wind on the water. Windows Version - Option Selections are saved when you quit the simulator for easy repeatability. Additional easy to use on-screen help features. Simple Boat And Sail Controls - let you concentrate on perfecting tactics & strategy! Tiller, wheel or simple click steering, manual or automatic mainsheet, easy control buttons and hot keys. 15 Levels of Difficulty keep you on the learning curve and having fun! Take it easy if you're not real experienced. Select strong winds, large fleets or match racing the computer for a tougher workout. Every race is different. Difficulty level impacts sailing conditions and determines opponent abilities, so that even the best tacticians will be challenged race after race! Sail to New Heights with Sailing Tactics Simulator!!

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