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Furuno MaxSea Navigator+

With Navigator+, MaxSea offers an entry-level system developed for the US market. You can connect your GPS and autopilot, download/overlay weather, and perform advanced planning. You can begin using Navigator+ right out of the box with the 130 US planning charts that are included. Navigator+ allows you to use your favorite detailed charts from MapMedia, Maptech, Softcharts, NDI and C-MAP NT+.
  • Screen ShotUnparalleled Raster and Vector Chart Support
    If you already own electronic charts, the odds are that MaxSea will read them. From C-MAP cartridges to MapTech CD's to NOAA ENC S-57's, MaxSea works with more charts than any other platform and displays them seamlessly. MaxSea is also the only platform that supports MapMedia charts with their patented M2 technology.
  • Powerful Layer Technology
    With MaxSea's layers, the amount of text or other elements you can add to a chart is virtually unlimited. The overwhelming advantage of layers is that they allow you to segregate your marks and only show/hide the information critical to the task at hand.
  • Advanced Log Book and Annotation
    Information gathering is automatic and intuitive with MaxSea. You can generate log book entries based upon any information coming into the system. You can save tracks, load and read wrecks and rookeries data, mark your favorite spots or where you've set traps quickly and easily. MaxSea grows with you and quickly becomes the repository for priceless information accumulated while underway.
  • Intuitive Planning
    One of the things that makes MaxSea's interface so advanced is its simplicity. Routes can be created or changed in seconds. MaxSea can drive autopilots, upload routes to your plotter, and save them for future reference.
  • Precise Weather
    Not only does MaxSea provide free access to the most comprehensive weather data available, it gives you the ability to really use it. With one button click, wind, waves, sea surface temperature, ocean currents, pressure and 500 mb data can be overlaid onto your navigation chart for display while planning or while underway.
  • Integrated Tides and Currents
    With a single button click, detailed tide and current indicators are displayed over your chart. These graphic displays show the height of the tide, and whether it is rising or falling as well as the strength and direction of tidal currents. Double-clicking on any of these graphic indicators gives you a complete tide or current table for that station.
  • MaxSea DongleDay /Dusk / Night Display Modes
    Unlike most PC-based applications which just change the colors, MaxSea offers full day/dusk/night control which dims the entire PC screen. Every element and chart detail on the screen is adjusted for maximum clarity under any light condition.

  • Two versions of MaxSea are available:
    1) Mapmedia raster charts (MM1 and MM2), NOAA raster charts, Maptech, NDI, Softcharts, ARCS
    2) C-Map NT+/Max, C-Map 93ed3, NOAA raster Charts, Maptech, NDI, Softcharts

    System Requirements: Windows 2000 128 MB (256 MB recommended) or Windows XP 256 MB (512 MB recommended), 800 MHz processor (Intel Pentium IV or M greater than 1gHz recommended), CD-ROM drive for installing MaxSea, Serial or USB port(s) for connecting navigation equipment (An adapter must be used for USB connections see the section on connecting equipment for more information.), DirectX 9 compatible Video Card with 32 MB RAM (64 MB Recommended), Screen color, 32-bit color display, 20 GB of hard drive space (40 GB Recommended)
    Preference of Parallel or USB Hardware Key to unlock software


    Furuno MaxSea Navigator+


    Software ModulesEach module is sold seperately
  • Sailing / Racing Performance (MAXSPM)
    Enables you to view and adjust your polars and introduces laylines into the windward equation.
    The Performance module adds powerful tools, including upwind and downwind laylines displayed on the chart (continuously corrected for changes in true wind direction and current), and advanced manipulation of performance data. Real-time information is gathered from your instruments for analysis and planning while underway.

    With the exclusive Data Trend Center, MaxSea takes performance analysis to the next level. It not only gives you the information you need for optimal sailing, but also the ability to accurately predict upcoming conditions based un the analysis and identification of trends in wind speed, wind direction and barometric pressure.
  • Weather Routing (MAXWRM)
    Incorporates weather & polars for optimum routing.
    MaxSea's advanced routing - available as an add-on module to Yacht - is the most advanced on-board weather routing system available. Since 1986, every winner of the Volvo Around the World/Whitbread, BOC, and Vendee Globe Races, has used this powerful tool to help them win. MaxSea uses weather forecasts and the performance characteristics of your individual boat to calculate the fastest way to reach your destination.
  • ARPA Module (MAXARPA)
    Connect ARPA Radar through a serial connection, ARPA targets will be displayed on MaxSea.
    MaxSea's ARPA module displays targets with a track of each course overlaid on your navigation screen. You can click on a target to find its speed, heading, and TCPA (Closest Point of Approach.) For each target, you can also can open a data dialog box, which will continually display the latest data about that target. MaxSea can also display the TCPA graphically on your electronic chart.