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Receive up-to-the
minute weather
faxes worldwide!

AKA Coretex, Xaxero

with Morse Code and TELEX

WeatherFax 2000 for Windows: Weather transmissions are continually transmitted at single sideband (SSB) frequencies between 4.5 mHz and 23 mHz. The WeatherFax 2000 for Windows package contains all the software and hardware for your onboard notebook or permanent PC to connect the PC to your SSB.

This neat software operates continuously in the background. Whenever it's needed, you can view on screen or print crisp, detailed weather pictures and maps in full color.

Set-up is effortless: just connect your SSB to your PC, run the setup CD-ROM, and you're done. On screen tuning allows you to monitor incoming signals and adjust configuration. The software is easy and fun to use, and will tell you everything you need to know about the weather -- wherever you are.

  • Supports Weather Fax 60, 90(win 95), 120, 240 LPM IOC 288 and 576
  • Supports fax tones 1500-2300 Hz and 600-900 Hz
  • Supports TELEX, Baudot 45, 50, 75 and 100 Bauds
  • Supports FEC / NAVTEX and Morse Code up to 30 wpm
  • Supports ICOM PCR100 and LOWE HF150 radios via second com port
  • Supports ICOM M802 M710, M700 Pro and M710 RT

  • System Requirments: Windows 7, Vista, XP or 2000, Mac OSX or Linux (SUSE and Ubuntu -Debian tested), and a single sideband radio.

    You can have your data inputed to your PC via your
  • USB: USB Port (includes demodulator) $199

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    Si-Tex Nav-Fax 200 & WeatherFax 2000 for Windows
    Si-Tex Nav-Fax 200 & WeatherFax 2000 for Windows

    Two great products, one low price!